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Forever Edu Trust

This institution was established in Palakkad Sub Registrar office on 18th May 2016, with the aim of promoting the creation of a good civilized people in the society and promoting the development of orphans and the poor without considering religion, caste, complexion, gender, and any political differences.

The ‘FOREVER EDUCATIONAL CHARITABLE TRUST’ which was started for giving more importance to education has its headquarters in Cherpulassery in Palakkad district. On 18th may 2016,under the leadership of Sri Krishnakumar son of Sankaran Kutty tharakan residing in padinjare veetil, mangod desam in Thrikadeeri 2 village which is in Ottappalam taluk of palakkad district started this institution with the help of a group of young men.

The Trust will work without the help of big financial base or the help of big capitalists. The trust now works with the share of common people who work for daily wages.  “Forever educational and charitable trust” and A1 Medical center and clinic which is a sister company of the trust chairman Sri Krishna Kumar works in the public domain.

The Trust’s goal is to give a hand to the neglected children among us to ensure the basic needs for living such as shelter, food, education, care etc and provide them with full support for the sick children suffering from autism are some of the main aims of the trust.

Likewise, we are surrounded by a lot of people who suffer an earlier medicine and food. Let us pray to God for not letting a sick person to get hurt without food or medicine.

You can also be a part of God’s way. May God grant you peace and tranquility all the time. Freedom from disease and illness is the right of a patient.

Care is not the generosity of the community, it is our duty.

The goal of the Trust is to address the daily difficulties faced by the Adivasi community and initiate awareness among them against alcohol and drug addiction and thereby creating employment opportunities among them as a job creation or production unit to help them improve their quality of life.

As well as nature conservation and plastic waste management are also some of our goals.

Ensuring human rights violation and free legal aid for the poor.

Defend the atrocities against the people. Ensure that the children who are well studied will be able to learn and help. Improve the infrastructure, food, treatment and education in tribal areas.

Ensure free legal and basic facilities for women with domestic violence.

Take the subject of human rights and take it up.

The Tribal issue should also be shown.


Our beloved chairman  Sri.Krishnakumar s/o S.K.Tharakan, Mangode, Palakkad Dt, Kerala. is born with charity mood and charity intention. He’s dynamic with magnetic personality doing selfless work in the weak and in the isolated pathetic society. He’s eligible to salute and honorable in society and also we really congratulate with sincere pray with abundant blessing in this charity trust.

Charity and Mercy is the real way to realize to appear directly in God.

Please All of you Never forget for biggest human quality in the universe

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy..Don’t forget first three quality in life long…

Easiness & Freedom of Pain is the primary right of a pathetic patient

Nurture is not a concession, its a real right of a distressed patient.

PKM Building,1st Floor,Near Postoffice,

Flat No 15/1824 ,Ottapalam Road, Cherpulassery,
Palakkad Dist, Kerala State South India
Tele/Fax:0466 – 22 82 432 PIN:679503