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7 Oct

Challenges for Small Charities

It’s a bit like being a GP or a General Practitioner. You need to do a bit of everything and be very good at spinning multiple plates. Being a generalist is a vastly undervalued skill. You meet many people who can’t do that and can only focus on one area at any one time. Having the breadth and depth to be analytical as well as a people person; being strategically minded and able to deliver operationally.

For some CEOs of small charities, the challenge can be that the only way to achieve is to be very controlling and that doesn’t work well for the team. It needs to be a careful balance between knowing what’s going on, but empowering your team to get on with it. They need to feel that the Chief Exec has got their back, whilst also being able to make some mistakes because that’s how we all learn.

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