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Service at Attapady

Attapady hill area in Palakkad district is well known as the third number of Ootty is falls on western ghats with a full fill of Natural beauty with abundant of Forest tribals, is also a wonderful land of herbal medicines and naturopathy.
but a majority of tribals are facing too many environmental problems and addiction and abusing also.
Silent Valley is the heart point of attapady also rich of rare animals birds, herbal trees and rarest views and glance, So our charity trust compels to force to help and aid to this pathetic area of tribals and to service medical aid food, and other provisions.
Malleswaram mudy is also a famous festival in attapady Sivaratri, a celebration in every year is a notable festival in this area. In the Famous river in Kerala, is also flow to the west to east in the hill area.
Attapady hill area is a real wonderful hill area, also a rarest natural beauty in India on the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu of South India.
A serious pollution, sexually abusing, illegal migration, addiction, afforestation, alcohol drug addiction, anti-social work. malnutrition death in children is the highest distress and problems in attapady hill area.

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Event Details

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